Pool Tables

American Heritage has been handcrafting heirloom quality billiard tables for close to 20 years. Today they apply their rigorous construction standards to every piece of their game room collections.

Over the past two decades, American Heritage has worked tirelessly to perfect the construction quality of their American Heritage pieces, doing away with block and bolt construction in favor of the very same 100% wood joinery techniques used in the some of the world’s finest handcrafted furniture.

Flanigan’s Furniture Outlet proudly carries five American Heritage pool tables in stock, but we are able to order more than 20 different models, ensuring that we will be able to fit you with your perfect billiard table!

Below are just a few of the things insisted upon during the American Heritage construction process. We at Flanigan’s Furniture Outlet believe that these details make all the difference, and will enable your family to enjoy your American Heritage game room collection for generations to come.


In order to ensure that the dynamics of design are not compromised during assembly, no table weight is ever supported by hardware. At American Heritage, artisans craft each table “the old fashioned way,” employing only time-tested wood joinery methods throughout the construction process. You can rest assured that your furniture table has been crafted in its entirely by the finest of woodworking professionals.

Leather Billiard Ball Pockets

American Heritage custom-designs a full portfolio of traditional leather billiard ball pockets to uniquely complement each of their table models. These classic design accents are just a few of the details they add to elevate their billiard tables from basic “pool tables” to refined pieces of game room furniture.

Table Legs

It’s hard not to notice the perfect symmetry and compelling design details of an American Heritage billiard table leg. Each leg is created individually by bonding custom-select hardwoods, grain against grain, for maximum strength and support. Proprietary Heirloom construction provides unmatched table strength by utilizing a unique solid wood one-piece corner that is mitered, doweled and glued to a decorative transition plate which helps funnel the weight of the table’s slate directly to the floor.


Only the finest raw materials are selected to create your masterpiece, while Quality Control professionals focus close attention on each piece of wood, looking to match grain patterns and alternating growth rings to create a beautiful canvas that will stand the test of time. Inside the billiard table itself, “Magna-Board” provides unparalleled slate bed support across its smooth, seamless surface. Even more support is built in by installing twin one-piece center beams to ensure that this cabinetry stays square and true forever.


American Heritage’s precision rail tolerances and 100% natural gum rubber cushions deliver the rebound accuracy demanded by tournament professionals. To create the finest quality billiard rails, glued together are two pieces of dissimilar wood species. This combination produces a solid rail that will not split, crack or cup.

BCA Specifications

The Billiard Congress of America (BCA) is the governing body that regulates the billiard industry. All American Heritage billiard tables meet or exceed the stringent BCA specifications and guidelines.

Our tables also come with the best accessory kit I have seen come standard with a pool table


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